The Restore Earth campaign. How it started — How it’s going!

We’ve been quoting Sir David Attenborough in a lot of of communications. At the COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland last month he said that in order to save the planet,

“A new industrial revolution, powered by millions of sustainable innovations, is essential”

So the team working on the Restore Earth programme started with a blank sheet of paper and one question.

How can we help kickstart this industrial revolution and use the innovations we see in Defi to benefit the world and its future?

From that starting point, the team has:

  • enabled donations from UST and LUNA
  • added Ethereum donations
  • and of course, Bitcoin
  • Now added credit card donations for the fiat currencies you may have lying around…
  • promised a Galactic Angel from the Galactic Punks team for anyone donating over $100 value.
  • With anyone donating over $100,000 getting the top tier Galactic Angel and different Angels for each of the tiers in between.

Do give what you can afford, it DOES make a difference. How?

Well, Restore Earth has received (as I write) almost $220k in donations, has had a $50k donation from Terraform Labs and already donated approximately $60,000 to EACH of the three charities involved.


Solar Electric Light Fund — SELF

Global Brigades

Money directly to the front line. Enabling a long term income stream for future success. So the charities can spend more time saving the planet. and less time fundraising. You can see the donations increase on our charity donation ‘leaderboard’.

But there’s more!

We can now announce that everyone donating to the Restore Earth campaign will get an airdrop of the $HALO token.

10% of the donation value will be matched in $HALO.

$HALO will be staked into the charity bonding curve for charity shares and distributed as follows:

  • 4% to the charities
  • 4% to the donors
  • 2% burned

The value will be calculated using the price of $HALO at time of airdrop, which will occur when we launch our charity bonding curve functionality next year. For more information on these tokenomics and how charity shares or bonding curves work, please refer to our partner Delphi Digital’s excellent write up or our own litepaper.

The planet is indeed fading. Even dying.

Terra, and now Angel Protocol were born, have grown and with your donations can together provide new life, new impetus to sustaining the planet.

p.s. — The less interesting bit… but oh so useful! Tax receipts are available at the point of donation for your crypto donations. Avoid capital gains tax and receive a charitable tax receipt whilst knowing that it goes directly, 100%, to those who make a difference.

p.p.s — The campaign continues until the 31st December. But as with everything, don’t leave it too late!




Building a world where all charities are financially free. Leveraging the power of DeFi yield to abstract away crypto complexity for causes that need it most.

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Angel Protocol

Angel Protocol

Building a world where all charities are financially free. Leveraging the power of DeFi yield to abstract away crypto complexity for causes that need it most.

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