Angel Protocol: $HALO Launch Details

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What is $HALO?

Why do I want $HALO?

  • Total Value Locked (TVL) in the platform never decreases*, and in fact, is programmed to grow exponentially due to its compounding nature
  • Angel Protocol is market-neutral; neither $UST nor yield are dependent on crypto or equity markets, thereby providing stable returns regardless of market conditions
  • TVL growth is further driven by the 50+ businesses that have pledged sustainable, automated revenue donations to Angel charities via the Angel Alliance, as well as ad-hoc NFT auctions
  • They will subsidize performance fees paid by charities, making not only the endowment setup but also the endowment yield truly free
  • Additionally, excess fees will be distributed to $HALO stakers, providing additional yield. Charities also benefit in this process, retaining a small commission on distributions. In effect, this means that charities get paid to benefit from Angel Protocol

How do I get $HALO?

Airdrops (5.5%):

Donation Matching / Liquidity Mining (30%):

Private Sale (0%):

Public Sale (20%):

Phase 1 (pre-sale, November):

  • Purchase Price: $0.05
  • Qty: 60M
  • Terms: 6-month cliff, 6-months daily vesting
  • Purchase Price: $0.05
  • Qty: 20M
  • Terms: 6-month cliff, 6-months daily vesting

Phase 2 (token launch, December):

  • Purchase Price: N/A
  • Qty: 40M
  • Terms: 12-month pool, claimable starting after 1 month
  • Purchase Price: Defined by participants
  • Qty: 80M
  • Terms: Available immediately
  • Notes: A liquidity bootstrapping pool is a method of token price discovery that prevents bot front-running by starting with a high price & exerting constant downward pressure on the token price until the token is bought up by participants and an equilibrium is found. A good breakdown example of an LBP in action can be found here.

Our hope is that with community support, and by selling directly to the public rather than private investors, we’ll be able to fund future development of Angel Protocol while also raising a significant amount of money to power charities, forever.



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