Angel Charity Spotlight: The Turing Trust

Angel Protocol is an innovative new tool allowing all charitable organizations to access the power of endowments.

By partnering with Angel Protocol, charities take a significant step towards financial freedom: a time when their operating expenses are covered by stable yields from their endowments and donations are used to drive expansion.

In this series, we will highlight Angel’s partner charities and their incredible teams and programs. All charities in this series have taken a revolutionary step toward sustainable giving — a direction we believe is the future of a better world.

Alan Turing © Science & Society Picture Library.

Alan Turing, often called the ‘father of computing’ once said:

“We can only see a short distance ahead, but can see plenty there that needs to be done.”

The Turing Trust was founded by Alan Turing’s family and continues his legacy by using technology to empower disadvantaged communities. They are looking ahead and indeed, there is a lot to be done. James Turing explains the vital needs and how the Trust helps, and what you can do to help them.

The Turing Trust — presumably the connection to Alan Turing runs through all you do?

Yes indeed. Alan is widely regarded as the father of modern computing and he saw Information technology as a tool for solving immense challenges.

He also had a passion for helping others: he funded one member of his foster family to work in Africa and sponsored a Jewish refugee’s schooling during World War II.

So, in honour of Alan Turing’s altruistic spirit, we refurbish IT equipment, install a range of educational software and provide it to those who need it most.

Image of girls in Africa using computers in a lesson

That sounds incredible. What sort of impact have you seen?

In our first 10 years we have enabled access to computers for over 55,000 students across Africa. With your help and a great deal of hard work, we believe that one day every child will be able to enjoy the transformative power of technology that Alan envisioned.

For example, in Malawi over the last few years we have made significant progress, bringing IT resources to 32% of all the secondary schools in the Northern Region. Therefore, we have begun to expand our work into the Central and Southern Regions.

We’re also proud of our ‘SolarBerry’ — a computer laboratory housed in an upcycled shipping container powered by solar panels and using low-energy Raspberry Pi computers.

You can hear more about our work in Malawi and the impact it has had by listening to teacher Mr N’gambi here.

What is The Turing Trust currently working on?

Full details of our work past, present, and future can be found in our annual reports.

But for 2021, our main aims align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4 and 17 — Firstly, quality education in African classrooms through a sustainable approach to installation and use of computers and secondly, building the partnerships and operations in the UK that enable us to process donations efficiently.

So we are very pleased to be a partner of Angel Protocol. Even more so that the very blockchain and code it is built upon is known as ‘Turing Complete’. We love that convergence of technology and charity.

Where can I learn more about The Turing Trust?

Our website of course, and do take a listen to the ‘Alan Turing Podcast’ with insights from senior figures in the technology business world and how they approach charitable giving and corporate responsibility.

Plus of course, the usual social media links.

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