Angel Charity Spotlight: SumArth

Angel Protocol
2 min readApr 28, 2022


We caught up with Prabhat Kumar, founder at SumArth, to discuss his role in gathering funds through cryptocurrency to ensure sustainable livelihood for farmers across India

What’s your role, and how did you/the charity get involved with ‘crypto’ giving?

We started the process by making them aware and ensuring all services at the door step .I got involved through my friends across the globe. It seems exciting, I am looking forward in “crypto way’

Had you ever used endowments before? or ever thought of using them?

No, but it looks fabulous.

How has Angel Protocol experience been so far? What have you been able to do?

We have just started using it.

How do you think Angel Protocol will be able to benefit your charity in the future?

Angle protocol is future and it’s matter of proud that present is walking with future.

Advice for others

Follow your heart.

Do you have any immediate needs? Or immediate plans for using the funding?

Yes, just after 3rd wave of Covid in India, there is immense need of livelihood opportunities.

How do people find out more? About what you do? do you have any social media links?

Donate to SumArth through Angel Protocol here